Why Us?

Every masterpiece we create starts as an idea.

Sure, wood is the primary raw material that goes into what we build, but there is no creation without that spark — that imaginative energy that gets the ball rolling. It's a differentiator and our proudest selling point. It's why you need to look at TJ's Wood Products before looking at anyone else.

We're not just a bunch of lumberjacks.

...although we've been called that from time to time. We are dedicated artisans and craftsman who work in big timber, hand-crafting everything as opposed to milling it. Family-owned for more than 30 years, we design, harvest, hand-peel and build the finest wood structures you'll find in Colorado and beyond which may be why we are the leader in handcrafted log structures in Colorado.

For more information email us at: handcrafted@tjswood.com