About Us

At TJ's Wood Products, our service begins and ends with our experienced professionals. From the design phase through final construction, we're there for our customers every step of the way.

We prebuild on our site, disassemble and then reassemble on your subfloor. No job is too big or too small: we've constructed homes ranging from 600 square feet to up over 10,000 square feet! We have a large variety of plans that can be easily modified to your preferences, or we can work with you to draw a completely custom floor plan that meets your specific requirements.

We take pride in offering our residential and commercial customers the quality materials they need to make their home or business withstand the test of time.

We oversee the manufacturing process from beginning to end. We have contracted with the USFS to responsibly log sections of forest in CO. So all of our logs are native to Colorado and acclimated to our dry and dramatically variable climate. We dry our logs to below the industry standard so shrinking or movement is not an issue. We do all of this in order to produce handcrafted structural and cosmetic log products that preserve the rustic beauty of the old world while meeting modern day construction demands.

Each log is hand-selected, hand-peeled and hand-scribed, and custom cut to meet our customers specific requirements, from 3 inches in diameter up to 36 inches in diameter, from 1 foot in length up to 50 feet. All house logs are inspected and grade stamped by onsite our TPI (Timber Products Inspection, Inc.) certified inspector, and since they are right here on site we can grade individual logs for our customers as needed as well.

When you look back over the past 30 plus years, it's really no surprise that TJ's Wood Products has become the premiere provider of handcrafted log homes, log accents and commercial log work in Colorado... it's passion for what we do. You'll find it in every accent, home, lodge and commercial structure that we create.

View some of our past projects by clicking on the main links in the navigation "log" above — select Log Homes, Log Products, or Commercial, any of which will take you to pages filled with photos of our work over the years. .

For more information email us at: handcrafted@tjswood.com